Hotteeze Heat Pads were created by Donna Burke in 2004. Donna has been living in Japan working as a professional singer and voice actor since 1996. She is well known in Japan as the English voice guidance on the Shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto and Osaka. Donna is famous worldwide for the anime and game theme songs and characters that she gives voice to.


She was given a self heating pad by her chiropractor for her lower back pain and became a fan. Donna has brought Hotteeze to many countries including Australia,New Zealand, Germany, the UK, the USA, UAE and even Iran, warming up the world one heat pad at a time.


Donna is sometimes asked to perform outside in the freezing cold (e.g. singing the Australian National Anthem for international football and rugby events) and swears by Hotteeze under her evening dress and in her shoes so she can stand tall and warm in 5 degree weather to sing.


Hotteeze Heat Pads can be found in hospitals, schools, football stadiums and are used by people of all ages - even animals love a nice Hotteeze in their cage on the way to the vet. Hotteeze are used to keep tropical fish warm on route via courier, by elite athletes, trades people working outside in the cold and school girls suffering cramps.

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